About Us who and why.

Why Top10?

Top 10 Challenge Ladder was born out of a frustration with existing tennis flex leagues. We found ourselves constantly itching to get out on the courts and play some tennis, but many leagues limited us to 5 matches for the entire season. We knew there had to be a better way... so we made one! Top10 allows our tennis seasons to be as flexible as we are.

About Ladders

Who are we?

We're currently headquartered in Atlanta, with a small staff of 3 tennis nuts. We're striving to make flex tennis as enjoyable an experience as possible. We're adding new members every day, and can't wait to reach new locations!

Meet the Top10 Team

Mikiel Arnold


Mikiel's first exposure to a challenge ladder was out of Harrison Tennis Center as a junior player. He's played in numerous leagues around town including ALTA, USTA, and several flex leagues. Mikiel has used his experiences in these leagues to develop the most exciting and flexible way to play tennis online.

Prince O3 White, Gamma Synthetic Gut @ 58 lbs

Sebastian Marulanda

VP Technology

Sebastian graduated from Georgia Tech with a degree in Computational Media and has worked in Atlanta as a web/applications developer ever since. He is adamant about keeping our website up-to-date with the latest web standards for a seamless and enjoyable user experience. Keep an eye on the news reel where Sebastian announces awesome new features.

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