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General FAQ

What is a challenge ladder?

A challenge ladder is a structure used to rank tennis players according to their match results. As members of the ladder play each other, their relative positions are adjusted to reflect the results of their play.

How does the challenge ladder scoring work?

Our scoring system rewards competitive playing. Each match you play is worth 10 points. A straight-set (2-set) win nets the winner all 10 points. A 3-set win nets the winner 7 points and the loser 3 points.

How can I determine my skill level?

To help guide you through this process, we use the National Tennis Rating Program (NTRP) for determining levels of competition for our ladders.

How come there is not a ladder for my level?

As Top10 Challenge Ladder continues to grow in your area, new ladders will be created to accommodate each specific playing level.

Can I help establish a Top10 ladder in my city?

We are always looking to expand our reach. If you are interested in bringing Top10 Challenge Ladder to your town, please let us know through the Contact Form.

Payment and Processing

How much does it cost to register to the site?

Registering to Top10 is absolutely free, and always will be. We offer free ladders alongside our paid prize ladders, the only difference being season-end prizes for the Top10 finishers.

Who processes credit card payments on your site?

We use Stripe for all our credit card processing. We serve not only our payment pages, but every page over a 128-bit encrypted SSL connection.

Prizes and Promos

Are prizes given away?

Absolutely. We give away many types of prizes including tennis resort weekends, private lessons, gift cards, apparel and more. Our full list of prizes and stipulations can be seen on our Prizes page.